Featuring Jessie!

Today, I am so excited to feature my good friend, Jessie Gaskin. She recently presented a program on quilt labels to the Silver Threads Quilt Guild. This is her presentation…

Jessie Gaskin, Quilter, Ft. Walton Beach, FL


When Diane asked me to blog for Southern Meanderings, I thought “what can I talk about as a rather new quilter”. My mom taught me to sew at the age of 7 yrs. old and I have always made clothes for our 2 daughters, my husband, crafted all my life, and made hundreds of purses. After retirement from teaching (38 years) I felt the need to sew again. The joy of sewing was still there but my 40 year old sewing machine needed to be replaced.
I began quilting in 2005 and still think of myself as a new quilter, there is so much to learn. I became intrigued with labeling and have tried many ways such as embroidery, handwriting, etc. I found along the way how important it is to put information on your quilt, such as:
 1. The name of your quilt
 2. The quilt maker’s name
 3. The machine quilter’s name 
 4. The recipient’s name
 5. Where the quilt was made
 and, 6. The date it was completed
I really love the idea of using the computer so I am going to share Vicki Bellino’s way of labeling.



After printing my label, I bordered it and put binding on it like a tiny quilt. I hand sewed it to the corner of my quilt. It is easy to do but be cautious about the thickness of your fabric. When I tried (3 times) using Kona cotton it jammed my printer.


My king size quilt was made using several French General Collections. I bordered the label with the selvage from each of the fabrics I used. In years to come if my girls need to patch the quilt they may be able to find some of the fabric tucked away in someone’s stash.



6 thoughts on “Featuring Jessie!

  1. Lovely quilt. Thanks for the label tips – especially about using the selvages so the recipients know what fabrics were used. Genius!

  2. Diane, Two corrections: 1. The presentation was made to the Silver Threads Quilt Guild in FWB

    2. Last paragraph, the word fabric needs a s. fabrics

    Looks good.

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