Pinkie Is Done!!

I finished Pinkie today and I really do like her. I was going to use a scrappy striped border but decided it needed something calmer. So, I used two solid pinks. I also made new labels using the computer fabrics color sheets by June Taylor. (I thought she was a dancer!!) Anyhow, this is going out today to a great grand daughter. How fun!!





6 thoughts on “Pinkie Is Done!!

  1. It’s wonderful, Diane! I can’t believe it’s only your second quilt. I like the backing and the binding, too. You can print on any cotton fabric by ironing it to freezer paper and cutting the fabric & paper to size. That June Taylor stuff is easier, but it’s expensive!

    1. Thanks, you are right about the stuff being expensive. $5 for three sheets but, I was in a hurry and I did get six to a sheet. I’ll miss you this weekend.

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