Charlie’s Quilt

I just finished my 4th quilt. It’s for a friend’s new grand baby. This is the first time I have used white background and I like it!



There are several things I would change. There isn’t enough contrast in some of the pinwheels. I also did more quilting which I like but it’s not too great in some areas.



The back has Charlie’a name…


Well, another project completed. Now, on to Camp Stitchalot! I can’t wait.


7 thoughts on “Charlie’s Quilt

  1. Another beautiful quilt Diane, you are really on a roll! As to your comment about your stitching “not being too great” I think it’s organic and natural.
    PS. Camp Stitchalot with Amanda Jean, & Dan, & Jacquie. I.Am.Envious. You definitely have to tell us ALL about it!!

  2. I’m a little too sloppy. I don’t like going exactly by the rules, Ha Ha the more I do this,mthembetter it look!

  3. Wow! What a beautiful quilt, Diane. Your retreat sounds fun. We ran into one in New England at a quilt store. My sister, Martha, almost hyperventilated when we walked in. They had loads of beautiful wools–felted and non-felted. She was in heaven. I thought we were going to have to spend our whole vacation there! LOL


    1. That sounds lika a great shop. I have two books on felting and some old wool clothed to try it out. However, I have been afraid to get started…maybe I need Martha.

    1. Yes, it’s in Michigan and I leave Tuesday. Charles is flying up on Sunday after it is over and we are going to do some traveling. I still want us to go to that one next summer way up past Chicago. It looks great, too. When I get back, I want you to come here and visit for a few days.

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