What a Mess!

This didn’t turn out the way I planned! I think I should have taped as I sewed and not taped it all at once. When the tape came off, things got messy!



I’m kinda laughing now but I wasn’t earlier. I had a perfect quilt sandwich that was pinned very straight. The back looked perfect. Well, not any more.


Tomorrow, I will try to work this out. As I said, what a mess!


4 thoughts on “What a Mess!

  1. Next time everything shall go straight forward – suppose this is the hard way to learn something! I usually draw lines on my quilt (if needed) with a special pen. The lines disappear when ironed. Happy quilting, Barbora

  2. Diane, I feel your pain! I’m sure that you will get it worked out after you talke a loooooong break!

  3. Thanks, Suellen. I’m going to rip some seams today and work it out. Some days I wonder why I thought quilting was fun. Ha!

  4. Oh, my gosh, Diane! Time to take several deep breaths, and step away from the quilt for a while! I’m sure you’ll work out a beautiful solution. I feel your pain – you know I have my own mess staring at me. Keep posting on your progress. Suellen

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