Its Good to be Back!

After a long break, I am back. Since it has been a while, I decided to redo the site with a new look. Let me know if it’s too modern or you have other ideas for the site.

On the last post, I was heading to Camp Stitchalot in Michigan at the Hankard Inn it is put on by Brenda Radcliffe, the owner of Pink Castle Fabrics. Several times a year, the Inn fills up for fun learning experiences. So, I’ll begin there. I had a good time at camp seeing friends I had met last year. We had four great days of sewing, laughing and eating the wonderful food. Here are some pictures.

The Hankard Inn has lovely flowers throughout the year.

Pretty Flowers

The food was wonderful. Janet Roquefort, the inn keeper, is a great cook.


I met Tula Pink! Yeah! She is a very talented lady.


We all and fun showing our quilts and talking about how to make our quilts. You will see some members of the Detroit Area Modern Quilt Guild, better known as The Dam Girls. They are a fun group of quilters and I’m looking forward to seeing them at QuiltCom.




Katy of “I’m a ginger Monkey, came to camp and did a cute activity with small Mason jars and Hexies in her new fabric prints. Katy is a cute funny girl and has a new quilting magazine, Quilt Now, which you can buy at Pink Castle Fabrics. Katy is fron England.


It’s getting late. So I will save the rest of the Camp Stitchalot pictures for tomorprow,

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  1. skalabara says:

    Good to see you back, nice header!

  2. Suellen Franze says:

    I’m so glad to see your blog again, Diane. Keep on sewing and writing!

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